365 – week 8 – Diana

Look at me being on time for once. How awesome am I?!

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of a week – it has been total chaos around here for quite some time now.

12.01.2017 – Went for my interview today. Decided not to bring an umbrella which was the dumbest choice in like ever. I arrived soaked but I made it through. After a very long and nerve-wracking wait I was informed that I got the job. I start tomorrow. Rikke and I celebrated with Sushi. 

13.01.2017 – After a great first day we went to Aarhus bryghus for a friday beer and these are my very nice and very enthusiastic new colleagues. I am getting very excited about this new job. Also I am now out of the system and officially earning my own money.
14.01.2017 – After a rather exciting and somewhat tiring week it was great to have my brother and Camilla visiting to play boardgames. They had fastelavnsboller in the freezer, so we made some and then later it turned into a whole night of games, wine and pizza. Best Saturday in a long time.
15.01.2017 – Sundays are for hydrating and reading. Sundays are for feeling a little hung over from yesterday’s red wine intake and therefore needing a lot of hydrating. Cosy socks are also needed for a proper day of couch reading. Sundays are the best.
16.01.2017 – First day of real introduction classes means learning a lot about communication and sales. 16 of us and therefore a lot of new names to remember, but luckily we have our nice nametags to help the learning along. So excited about this still.
17.01.2017 – A new job means getting up rather early in the morning. The bus ride is a little long but it is excellent audiobook time. I just go to bed way earlier than I normally do in order not to be completely busted in the morning.
18.01.2017 – FINALLY MY POE PART POSTER ARRIVED. Yes am I very excited about this – in case you didn’t notice. This is a great reminder to go watch it all again in one take. If you haven’t watched Poe party yet go do it here: 



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