365 – week 7 – Diana

Good news – this blog is less late than the one I just posted. And with this I am ready to post again (on time) on Sunday. See how easy that was. And just look at the many pictures you get to enjoy all at once.

05.01.2017 – Even though I am convinced my body hates me for what I’m putting it through life still has to go on. That meant meeting up with Rikke at the supermarket to go grocery shopping. I insisted we did it straight after work because I am sure I wouldn’t get off the couch after I sat down (I was right by the way). On the walk home we got to enjoy some of the snow that came down throughout the day. Snow is cosy and nice when it comes in such small amounts.

06.01.2017 – For Christmas I got a new purse from my parents, which was a bit scratch so a new one had to be sent to me. Today I FINALLY got it. I love it and I will cherish it and use it wherever I go. Don’t you think it’s pretty?
07.01.2017 – One of my favourite things to do when I lived in England (TEN year ago!) was watching ‘Any dream will do’. Men who knew how to sing and perform. I was very excited when I discovered that something similar is back – also from the BBC – and therefore I naturally enjoyed ‘Let it shine’. I would particularly like to do a shoutout to Martin Kemp for his ultra positive attitude and feedback. It is nice to see that you can put on a show without making others feel like shit. Also Mel is a presenter and you gotta love that.
08.01.2017 – I spent the whole day with some amazing people from Red Cross Youth. It is always a pleasure to be amongst people so filled with energy and passion for making a difference. Today was definitely no exception. I was exhausted when I got home but in the best way possible. I am so grateful that I get to be part of such an amazing and powerdriven organisation run by the most amazing young people from all over the country. If ever there was a time for #blessed this would be it.
09.01.2016 – Life is hard – working is harder. I went to bed way early but only after being asked for a jobinterview on Wednesday. 8 hours hard work are made slightly easier after receiving positive feedback on an application. Heres to *what-ever-time*’s the charm.
10.01.2017 – Today on my lunch break I read my horoscope. It promised me a possibility of a secret flirt. I really hoped it would be the hot security guard from yesterday, but returning from my break I was informed that security had already been through the store. WHILE I WAS ON MY BREAK. I was so disappointed and no flirt ever happened.
11.01.2017 – Went for my interview today and I have to go on another tomorrow. If I get the job I have to start on Friday. As in Friday two days from now. This is a very crazy rollercoaster which is incredibly hard to get off. But then again why would I want to get off. The job is through an agency for the first 8 weeks but I don’t care. I would be making my own money. Crossing everything for tomorrow.

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