365 – week 6 – Diana

I am aware of how late I am with this post – I have made a promise not to apologise anymore on this blog so I won’t. I’ll stick to “better late than never”. And enjoy!

29.12.2016 – After having played Carcassonne with my brother’s expansion it was hard going back to just the basic game, so my mum decided to buy another expansion for herself. We played it a few times and I love it. Naturally I was pink since that is an option with this expansion.

30.12.2016 – Christmas is over and hence all the different decorations had to be taken down. This is a bit of it displayed on the table ready to go into their respective boxes. I didn’t help. If my parents asked it was because I didn’t know where anything went. Really it was because I needed to read read read.
31.12.2016 – I decided that this year it was all about relaxing my way into 2017. I spent the evening with my parents and a couple of their friends. My mum went to work and then my dad and I just relaxed and said happy new year when the clock rang in the new year. Sidenote: The Queen had her papers stapled together this year as not to get them mixed up like last year – and I liked it.
01.01.2017 – Sherlock is back!! I don’t really know what to expect this series, but I am very excited to have it back on my TV. It is also a brilliant way of celebrating January 1st. 2017 is already shaping out to be a way better year than 2016 (not that it’s hard).
02.01.2017 – Had to go to the jobcenter today and then I decided to pick up the board game I wanted for the gift “card” my brother got me for Christmas. I decided that Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective was right up my alley and I cannot wait to get cracking on all the (undoubtedly) amazing cases.
03.01.2017 – I don’t think I’ve introduced you to Thomas William yet. He is all alone in his little fish bowl because that is how he likes it. He is a little shy so getting a good picture of him is quite the task. As evident by this picture I am not that patient with him but I love him and I am sure he will live long and prosper.
04.01.2017 – Getting money doesn’t last long without working so I was sent to partake in an internship. Today was my first day at Flying Tiger, which was a good day though I was physically exhausted even though I worked an hour less than normal. Physical work is hard you guys but I am sure it will be great.



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