Gilmore Girls Revisited.

Disclaimer: I’ve written on this post on and off for about a month, so there might be gaps in logical thinking. Okay? Good. 

So, as promised here are some thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Since watching it I’ve been thinking quite a bit about and read countless think pieces from people I agree with and people I disagree with. And I’ve yet to come to a definite conclusion. This is in part because I disagree with some of the character choices and partly because I know that this end might have made more sense had it come years earlier when Amy Sherman-Palladino thought up this ending.

So because I still feel so ambivalent about it let’s look at the good and the bad and the in between.

The by far worst thing in the whole revival was the Stars Hollow Musical. WTF? Like seriously, why did we have to suffer through that? I get that people like Sutton Foster, but it was horrible and extremely unnecessary. Especially since Nexflix is not bound by a format in terms of length of episode, so why not just make a good and coherent episode and not care about the length? I see no reason beside old school network thoughts that all four episodes needed to be the same length – the more I look at the word length the less sense it makes. It was just terrible and I would rather had watched paint dry.

The best part was Emily’s storyline. How she handled or maybe more precisely not handled Richard’s death was fantastic writing and performance. Kelly Bishop was ah-mah-zing and I won’t hear a word against her or Emily. It was perfect.

I don’t quite remember Rory being as dumb as she is in the revival, but as I’ve gotten some distance from the whole thing, I can she her becoming the kind of person she is here. She always coasted – not working as hard as say Paris did for her goals – was generally handed things on a silver platter. She is very much a big fish in a small pond. Her mom and the whole town thought her a perfect could do nothing wrong princess, her rich grandparents doted upon her, her dad – while absent – also put her on this pedestal, and her last boyfriend happened to have connections that Rory used – no matter what she says – and also conveniently rich enough to not force her to see reality. Rory should have had a reality check so hard that she changed careers and became a decent human being who actively worked towards her goal, but that just didn’t happen. And the more I thing about it the more it annoys me that Rory still is a sheltered little girl, because she had potential. She didn’t get into Chilton and Yale only because she has rich grandparents, nor did she land a job on the Obama campaign based on that. She had merit, but was apparently never forced to live up to it. Ugh. I can’t any more. New topic.

Lane got shortshatfed. She is still an awesome friend, mom and drummer, but in the revival she didn’t have any agency for herself. She was just Rory’s friend, which she never was in the original. I get that four mini movies aren’t enough to catch up on everyone, but I counter with that idiotic musical.

Besides that out of place “let’s have children” phase of Lorelai and Luke’s relationship, I quite enjoyed their lives and relationship. I get how they would have a crisis and then fix it the way they did. They still seemed very them and they were happy, which makes me happy. The whole wedding scene was magical and I loved it.

Paris was kicking ass and looking fantastic and I am a little mad that we never got any follow up on her and Doyle. I don’t care whether they end up together or not, I just want Paris to be happy.

And now to the men. Dean was not in it long enough to merit more than this sentence. Jess had his life together which I quite liked to see. What I didn’t like was the torch he had for Rory. Jess in his current life seems way to pragmatic for that. Logan was not quite what I had in mind. I get the cheating – they are both adult, it is a shitty thing to do, but they know what they started – but I don’t get the back under his dad’s thumb. Logan grew a lot in that last season, and I get that Amy Sherman-Palladion doesn’t consider season seven as canon, but it happened,so she has to take it into account. Ugh, creators can be really annoying.

Also the last four words were lame. I mean, come on! It would have made more sense if the show had ended after season seven or eight. Not a revival set so much later, because Rory is over 30 and can totally handle having a kid – with or without the father. Mostly I don’t like how it is trying to set up a Gilmore Girls version 2, with Rory = Lorelai, Logan = Christopher and Jess = Luke. First of Logan is not Christopher and would own up to that child for sure and be a part of its life. And I stand firm in my belief that Jess would be over Rory. This is just way too much of a set up for a further series.

In conclusion. I enjoyed it, but I’ve since taking of my rose-tinted glasses, I can clearly see the many flaws, but the good point still count, so all in all I am happy with the whole thing – minus the musical. I hate that with an unrivaled passion. It was the absolute worst.


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