365 – week 5 – Diana

The first update of 2017, with pictures from 2016.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone. By now I think everyone will have reached the new year.

2016 was in many ways a strange and not exactly great year, but it also had some great moments in between. All I can say now is 2017 can only get better.

22.12.2016 – Went into Holstebro and slowly but steadily it is starting to feel like Christmas. The “tree” isn’t pretty but it has been part of the town’s December decorations for quite a few years now, so it has to be there. Besides, they ruined the grand tree in Storå by giving it flashy lights and red hearts. NOT A FAN! Another thing I’m finding rather challenging: the amount of people everywhere. I’m gonna stay home from now on.
23.12.2016 – My dad wanted to decorate the tree this year, but no sir that is my job and I did brilliantly if I say so myself. Flags, pleated Christmas hearts, braided stars and a sh*tload of Christmas balls. The last touch the danish flags. That was pretty much everything I did today. It is a skill that takes practice and I can only do that once a year.
24.12.2016 – MERRY CHRISTMAS. A very seldom picture of all four of us. My mom thought I should have gotten a selfie stick for Christmas; I felt like my brother’s arm did fine. We had a great night – sans selfie stick – and danced around the Christmas tree for FOUR whole songs. Everyone got things they wished for and we all enjoyed each other’s company. (Also no one got shipped off to hospital at the end of the night so SCORE.)
25.12.2016 – If the Christmas holiday should not be used for enjoying the company of the family and some great board game competition then what should it be used for?! Even my dad played Ticket to ride – he lost BIG time – and the rest of us remembered how difficult it is to play when so many need to go to the same cities.
26.12.2016 – My mom has been holding out on me and didn’t tell me she had my old mug in the cupboard. Now I finally have a decent tea mug. Another day was spent with Tea, board games, a Christmas movie and just enjoying the company of family. I love this time of year.
27.12.2016 – Forgot to watch this amazing old Danish movie but then my dad told us he recorded it. So mom, dad and I spent the evening with Ghita Nørby, Dirch Passer and Ove Sprogø along with the grey lady and an inherited manor. Baronessen fra Benzintanken is just as great as I remembered it.
28.12.2016 – I recently got a haircut and to try something new I’m pulling my hair back rather than having bangs. I have to get used to it, but I think it is okay. If I shouldn’t try new stuff in these last days of the year then when should I. Also my life consists mostly of reading so I’m not really experiencing a lot.

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