365 – week 4 – Diana

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you’re all having a great time with family, friends or whoever else you love. I’m relaxing at home with the family but still didn’t want to hold the pictures for 365 week 4 hostage. Here they are. Hope you enjoy.

15.12.2016 – For some reason I can’t quite explain I’ve not really read anything since sometime back on September and hence have gotten quite behind on the reading challenge. I still have 9 books to go before the new year and therefore I am trying to make as many of them as possible as short books as possible. I will make it though. My packing to go home for Christmas has been a very scientific calculation of which books to bring.
16.12.2016 – My mum once crocheted a whole family of mice, which is pretty much needed as decoration in the house for it to feel like proper Christmas, but since I mentioned I wanted a family for myself my mum has tried to make me fall in love with all kinds of crocheted mice, but it is just not the same – she will just have to find the pattern for them in the attic. this one is decent though, but not good enough.
17.12.2016 – For the tenth year I met up with my graduation high school class for our annual Christmas lunch. This year we had to wear our studenterhue and something red. After dinner a little dance lesson had been arranged for us. I am proud to pronounce that I didn’t fall nor hit anyone. I call it a success as was the rest of the night. Always a joy to reunite.
18.12.2016 – One of the best things about staying at my parent’s house is their wood stove. It is nice and warm and with this weather it is the perfect thing to get one in a Christmas state of mind. I have become the fire master and manage to make pretty fire in the first go almost every single time.
19.12.2016 – As mentioned I am very much behind on my reading so I better get starting. My parents don’t read a lot though and it can be very difficult for them to understand that they can’t just talk to me at random when it is the most exciting. So I took the chance and read while my mum slept and my dad was at work. Just read read read.
20.12.2016 – I visited my grandparents today as they are celebrating Christmas in Norway. When I was six or seven I made this absolute masterpiece of the Virgin Mary for my grandparents and more than 20 years later she is still standing. I am impressed every year and am now suspecting some divine magic making it last as long as it has. It is basically made up of newspaper and plaster. Magic I tell you, Magic!
21.12.2016 – First I went to Aarhus to go for a meeting about my job situation. Then I picked up my brother and his girlfriend to go home for Christmas. I said hi to Rikke and then went back to my parents’ place. I made a lot of calls and then took another trip in the car to take my grandparents to the airport. They got there and checking in was so easy. No more driving for a few days now. I’ve spent too much time in the car today.

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