365 – week 3 – Diana

The third week of 365 is upon us and December is in full swing, so prepare to be december’ed.

08.12.2016 – One of my newest traditions is having marcipan snowballs as my advent calendar. They come in neat little boxes of 24, so it is perfect for that reason alone. I’m also having a hard time with the pricing and over-the-top’ness of the advent calendars of our time, which leads to my own little snowball protest.

09.12.2016 – Rikke left to go to her parent’s house because she has a females of the family hang tomorrow. I stayed in and drank tea from my excellent and humongous Christmas mug. I love my mug and I am going to be so sad to see it go when Christmas is over.
10.12.2016 – My parents, brother and I (oh and also my brother’s girlfriend) had plans to go to Tivoli in Aarhus for the day. A Christmas family hang. First off they opened three hours later than we thought, we travelled near and far to find somewhere to eat lunch, to kill time and then when we finally got out there it was so packed that my dad couldn’t find any parking, so we went home instead and had my homemade klejner and just had a Christmas family hang without any fuss. Also my brother and father did not feel like appearing in a photograph so you will have to make do with me and my mum.
11.12.2016 – With Rikke – and my family – out of the house I spent my entire Sunday, in my unicorn onesie, writing job applications and enjoying how absolutely silly it felt wearing my onesie while doing something as serious as applying for jobs. But if Sundays are not for being a little silly and contradictory then what are they really for.
12.12.2016 – Since Monday was an almost repeat of Yesterday – sans unicorn – I thought I’d share these Christmas elves/people/dolls with you. My grandmother made them for me for my first Christmas so they are now 29-years-old. The girl is missing one eye and they are generally a little worn, but I love them and it isn’t really Christmas without them.
13.12.2016 – Another job interview and then a meeting in the afternoon meant a pit stop at Starbucks. The chai latte was as amazing as always and the cinnamon swirl was a little piece of something seriously tasty. It inspired me to ask Rikke if it wasn’t time for another fish friend for Toastencrunch and she agreed so we went and bought him a friend and a new plant.
14.12.2016 – Say hello to Thomas William. He is naturally named after the ever so amazing Tom Hiddleston and he is as graceful as his namesake. He loves to dance  around the water and we love him ever so much. Toastencrunch and Thomas William was my company for most the morning while I was video conferencing with some lovely people in Copenhagen.

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