365 – week 2 – Diana

You know what this is so let’s just dive straight into it.

01.12.2016 – For the first time Rikke and I have a tea advent calendar. Each day we have a little white box with a new exciting tea in a small tin box. I love it and this is a big part of me finally feeling like Christmas is coming – also this year. Of course Christmas comes every year but the calendars on TV and now my tea calendar help the feeling of Christmas.

02.12.2016 – Tea and Red Cross Youth work makes for a great start of the weekend. Though I already know a lot about the wonderful organisation I’m part of there is still so much more for me to learn and consider. Preparing for meetings is a great way to dig into all the wonderful things that are done for youth around Denmark all year round.
03.12.2016 – Not only do we have the joy of tea each and every day we also get a little fun fact or saying about tea on the back of each box. I am loving this and already contemplating next year’s calendar. And remember “At half past three everything stops for tea”.
04.12.2016 – This year is quite a few firsts. I’ve never made klejner before but this year I decided to give it a go. Most of the reason why I’ve never tried before is because they don’t bake, they boil and I am not feeling confident with things I can’t just shove in the oven. I did great though – with lovely help from Rikke – and we managed to do some very decent ones, meaning I’ll probably do another batch.
05.12.2016 – My last trip to Copenhagen this year. I spent a bit of time at Copenhagen Central Station and remembered to look up (one should always look up when visiting an old European city). The ceiling and general building is rather beautiful once you manage to forget about the many people making noise around you and just enjoy that we live in a world build for us by generations before us. (That ended up slightly more philosophical than intended.)
06.12.2016 – Another job interview and this time it was right across the road from the apartment. This picture is taken from the kitchen window so not only do I really want the job because I would be great at it but on top of that it would be the easiest commute ever. Crossing everything that this time will be my time. (edit: Unfortunately this time was not my time.)
07.12.2016 – Not a lot of tabletop games have been played lately but both Rikke and I adore Love Letter and when a Christmas edition of this game has been made (Letter to Santa) you gotta buy it and play it. I won and Rikke did everything she could to beat me. Maybe next time (but probably not).

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