365 – week 1 – Diana

The first 365: blog edition post is upon us. Yey!

It has been with a few reminders to each other about the picture taking but we have made it – I have at least and you claim the same.

I tend to go without the ado and thus I will follow my own example and give it to you with just a few lines of introduction.

24.11.2016 – I had a very productive morning at the job centre. Met some of the other unemployed people of Aarhus and had a nice talk with one of the employees about what I am expected to do. One of the things is checking my job suggestions on jobnet.dk, which is one of my lesser favourite things since the site logs me off – ALL. THE. TIME.

25.11.2016 – One of the many great traditions surrounding Christmas is all the Christmas cookies but particularly vanillekranse. The only right way to make them is by hand with an old school meat mincer. So we did it that way. The mincer was a Christmas present from last year so it was brilliant to finally be able to use it.
26.11.2016 – As stated for Yesterday’s picture Christmas cookies are the shit this time a year. I’ve made almost every type imaginable, mostly because I’m bored out of my mind from being out of a job but also a little because I really enjoy baking.
27.11.2016 – I am a Christmas fanatic. There is nothing better than lighting a billion candles and enjoying staying inside. The first advent Sunday is no exception and it is also the day of hanging all the Christmas decorations, so I did and I love it. Darkness bring it on!
28.11.2016 – I am spending a lot of time in trains between Aarhus and Copenhagen at the moment. I don’t mind as it is a good time to write job applications and catch up on books, podcasts and all the TV series I watch. Though this particular day I was a little sad to be cooped up inside a train when the sun was shining so brightly from a clear blue sky.
29.11.2016 – After two days of meetings and spending the night at a family member’s house I took the very late train home and therefore had only energy to drink a lot of fluids and catch up on The Good Wife. So grateful for Viaplay’s offline function as it is only douches who stream via the free internet provided on the train.
30.11.2016 – I GOT A CHRISTMAS TREE! Yes I am very excited about this. Yes it is rather small, but it is a Christmas tree and I love it with all of my little Christmas heart. From now I will make it a tradition to have a tree every year as it makes the home so much more Christmas cosy. Next step is actually getting some pine cones into the growing collection of Christmas decorations.



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