Back to Stars Hollow.

One more sleep – I’m actually writing this from my bed – and Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life will be dropping on Netflix and I’m very excited. The last seven weeks of my life have been filled with Gilmore Girls and while I haven’t watched anything in this last week, Diana and I have talked about it. A lot. So It is going to be weird knowing that once I’ve watched those four 90 minutes tomorrow there will be no more Gilmore Girls.

Sooner than soon. 


I might not be as excited as the people who watched the show religiously back in the day, but I’m pretty excited. I have ideas for where all my favourite characters will be and what will happen to them, but since I haven’t had since 2007 to think about those ideas, I doubt I will be disappointed with anything. I trust that they know what they are doing, and even a bad episode of Gilmore Girls is better than a lot good episode of bad television.

While my favourite romantic relationship is Luke and Lorelai, I am actually looking forward to Emily’s and Rory’s stories even more. Rory’s because while not being as lost as Rory seems to be, I too feel a little lost in this world and don’t quite know what to do with myself. And Emily’s story because she is my favourite and I’m just curious to how she – and the show – handles Richard’s death.

I’ve enjoyed these last season as much as one can – the last two are definitely below average – the show is comfortable to watch. They might fight and do dumb shit, but all in all I’ve enjoyed the journey. This is in large part down to this being an ensemble show, so while the two Gilmore Girls take center stage, a lot of the supporting characters have had great arcs. Paris for example has been super fun to watch and I look forward to more from her. Lane as well – I could do without the twins, but she had them, so what can you do.

I think the reason so many people love this show is because of this huge cast of misfits. Mostly in Starts Hollow – it is a breeding ground for weirdos – but also the rest of the Gilmore Girls world. There is always something you can relate to. This group of people are all great, because they are all flawed – granted, some of the towns people are one dimensional, but who really related to Taylor? – They all feel so human and humans make mistakes, carry gudges and love each other despite or sometimes because it all.

So while I could write about the many mistakes of the last seasons and how the characters felt off, I am not going to, because in the end that is not the end. These characters have been given a new lease on life, which means that all those thoughts matter little, because at the point we get to see them all again, they will be different people from when we last saw them. Not new people, not the same, just a little different. They have had experiences which have shaped them, so I am looking forward to seeing them all again and learning all about who they are now.

Tomorrow is going to be a great day and the the end to the past seven weeks of madness. In the beginning I wasn’t sure I’d make it before tomorrow, but I did, because once you visit Stars Hollow you can’t leave until you’ve spend all your time there.


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