I’m on team…

The Gilmore Girls marathon came to a halt last Friday when we finished episode 153 – a whole week ahead of schedule. I don’t know if I am mostly proud or embarrassed about that fact, but I’ll just refrain from breaking down the numbers and we can pretend it was no big deal.

Since Friday I have debated back and forth on where I stand team-wise. I was quite obviously team Jess when I’d only watched four episodes featuring Logan. No one having seen him in those first few episodes can blame me. Now – after 50 or so episodes – I am very much torn.

I have come to a conclusion though – and it is not team Dean.


I think I need to state that above everything I am team Rory, which has had quite the impact on my other team choice. To me it comes down to who I see as a person who will let Rory be Rory and who she will let be himself.

On one hand we have Jess. The troubled youth who never really felt comfortable being a geek but had a rough upbringing and therefore let out his anger on the world. Some called him a charity case for Rory and I have tended to agree. But as they grew older he grew out of that. He grew into his own person who was so comfortable with his passions – he even published a book! (Yes I was even more enthusiastic about that than Rory). After time apart they felt as comfortable as ever in each other’s company.


Also, he is cute.

On the other we have Logan. The rich kid who takes off to Vegas when things doesn’t go his way. Even as he is old enough to know better. Logan was Rory’s way into a world that Lorelai had tried very hard to keep her away from but she slowly crept into with Friday night dinners at her grandparent’s house… and eventually Logan. Logan was always a very loyal boyfriend though, and he generally put Rory above anything else.


Also, he is cute.

If I were to make a checklist at this point they would most definitely check the same boxes. They both grown into individuals with passions and who believe in the people they are. They both put Rory’s happiness ahead of their own. They do it in different ways but that doesn’t really affect the end result.

Jess and Rory always had chemistry. Jess had times when he wouldn’t acknowledge it but it was always there. They laughed together and even as they met up while Rory was with Logan and Jess kissed her it seemed like something that could have been. It felt natural.


Rory grew into being comfortable with herself and to quite some extent her sexuality while she was with Jess. He respected her and her choices.

Logan and Rory was fiery from the beginning. They way he looked at her always had this underlying feeling of him wanting to kiss her whatever they were doing.


Even as Bobby turned out to be a girl and Rory freaked out a little bit Logan spent the entire dinner they had with his colleagues touching Rory’s hand. To me the chemistry was fiery even at inappropriate occasions such as one of Emily’s gatherings. Logan loved her and he did not care who knew.

So they also both have chemistry with her. The sparks flying sort of chemistry.

When it comes down to it though I do believe that the person Rory should be with is the person that will let her travel the world and accept that they don’t need to be in the same 5 mile radius to love each other and be together. She needs to be with the person who will let her explore and who will build her up when she doubts herself – because she will when she has the mother and grandmother she does. She needs to be with the one who is willing to put everything on pause to be there for her.

Both Jess and Logan have had times when they didn’t do that. Logan took trips – once almost got himself killed – and he made plans for their future alone. Jess left without a word and he has a need to have his own artistic outlet. Jess was disappointed in Rory when she took a break from Yale – he judged her. She probably needed it, but not from him.

I believe that had Logan been given the chance he would have followed Rory to the end of the world. Had she accepted his proposal but still gone on the campaign tour he would have been okay with it. Rory – in my opinion – never gave Logan the chance to be okay with them being apart but still together. She was okay with it when he went to London and they spent more time living far from each other than close. I believe he would have stepped up and I believe he will always be ready to do that. He will let her follow whatever dream she might have and support her through the dumbest of ideas. He did so many times when Rory and Lorelai had yet another “we have always done X in Y way”.

I confess. I am no longer team Jess. I am committing to team Logan.
Now all I have to do is wait for Friday to come to see which team Amy Sherman-Palladino is on. I will be happy either way because I know she is team Rory.



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