Greenwich Mean Time

I feel like I should write a bullet list commenting on everything you wrote yesterday but I’ll refrain from doing so – mainly because I think it will bore people.

I will comment on my love for a guy in a nice suit though. Can you blame me for my weakness?


But this post won’t be about Logan or Jess – I can’t figure out which team I’m on so that is a whole post on its own. #TeamUndecided

I come to you today to talk about something that bugs me a lot whenever I watch TV or a movie where they don’t know how time works!

Marathoning Gilmore Girls probably means I notice it some more, but it is really annoying. With Rory on the US East coast and Logan in London I have witnessing several phone calls where I really can’t figure out how time works. Rory is going to bed. We assume it is no later than Midnight because she has a life and is responsible. This would make it five in the morning in London. Rory calls Logan – which is not fair to do when it is five where he is – and yet Logan looks like he has been up for hours and can’t talk for long because he has a meeting that already started. IT IS FIVE IN THE MORNING! Also at five in the morning it is not light outside in London during the Winter! This doesn’t even require research. This is how the world works. We are on a round globe which spins around itself and around the sun. There are five hours between London and Connecticut, US. They could call each other at so many appropriate times during the day. WHY are you making it so difficult for yourselves?

Some might think this is silly to focus on but it bugs me so so much. Even more than all the empty cups – though they are terrible.

I so wish this was it. But alas. It might be the expectation of season seven being less than perfect that has made me notice now or it might just be that it didn’t happen before. This season has had a vast amount of scenes that I have no clue how fit together timewise. One scene is Lorelai and Christopher in the house and the next is Lorelai wearing a completely different outfit at the inn. When did this happen? Which happened first. Was it the same day or a week apart? I need to know these things. I need to feel how time is moving. One episode was Christopher and Lorelai putting up a new TV at the house and Lorelai babysitting Sookie’s children for the day while Rory was at a party. Rory was at the party at night not at two in the afternoon, so how exactly am I supposed to accept scenes switching between these people. I don’t even know if the party happened that same day. I need to know! I’m serious I need to. It is disruptive and it makes me love this show less. I hate that I love it less.

But really – do people in TV know how time works?


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