Gilmore Girls: Lightning Round!

So since, we last talked a lot has happened. We have left season five behind and actually also seen all of season six. And six episode of the dreaded season seven. Because a lot have happened, I don’t have a lot coherent thoughts, but I do have some smaller non-coherent thoughts.

  • While Diana is still a Literati shipper. She is coming around on Sophie. (These shipnames are extra weird, because I’m used to the combination of names forming the ship name, but Gilmore Girls does it in a whole other way. List with link to explanations here.) Diana potential change of heart has a lot to do with her love of a man in a suit.
  • Emily Gilmore is still dear to my heart – if not my favourite character followed closely by Luke.


  • I think because we’ve been warned about season seven, and we’ve seen the Netflix one minute recap of each season – watch ’em now. I’ll wait – that our very low expectations are making us not hate that season. I understand why some dislike it -and I understand why Nick Rheinwald-Jones doesn’t consider it canon -but season six isn’t exactly golden and left season seven in a very bad place.
  • Mrs. Kim has had a nice arc and I miss her. Her mom visiting was epic. As are all her scenes with Zack.
  • I feel like the whole April storyline is being forced and they could have kept her character – she is super cool and good for Luke – and still had kept Luke and Lorelai together. JavaJunkie for life! Also Anna was super unrealistic with her demands on relationships. Buh!
  • These last seasons are really highlighting how much of a not-good person Lorelai is. She lacks consideration and perspective. I love her, because of her flaws, but let her grow instead of being stunted. People can change, you know.
  • Jess is pretty awesome at his new job and life. Good for him.
  • Lane is still awesome – and super fertile – but I am a little vary of how they’ll handle this pregnancy thing. Her life is already very different from Rory’s. And I get that people grow apart, I just don’t want them to start with full speed ahead on completly different tracks.
  • Paris is still pretty insane, but she is also a really good friend to Rory when Rory needs her and for that I give her props.
  • Luke just needs some love and while him and Lorelai being apart hurts me, Lorelai is clearly not in a good place now, so maybe it is best for Luke that she did tell him about Christopher.
  • I don’t like Christopher. And I don’t like who Lorelai is with him. I understand why she went to him at the end of season six, because he  – for some reason – is her emotional rock when her relationships fail – but they guy is not what she needs. He has put her on a weird pedestal and that is not good for them. Lorelai works with Luke because he sees her for who she is.
  • I am sad that Hep Alien is not longer a thing.
  • There has been blessed little of the most annoying character: Taylor.I can’t stand him.
  • So many great television actors are popping up on Gilmore Girls before their bigger breaks that we are constantly looking people up.
  • I was not a fan of Rory and Lorelai’s estrangement, but it felt in character and also needed for them. While fun their relationship isn’t exactly healthy. And it meant I got more Emily Gilmore and her wicked sense of humour.
  • I love the Friday Night’s Alright for Fighting fighting scenes at the Gilmores. It is all kinds of brilliant.



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