When my fantasy world makes me sad.

There are things in this world that make all of us sad sometimes. Lately it seems to be the newly elected President of the US, but it can be everything from loved ones being ill to something terrible happening around the world or even just being ill when it is sunny outside. It is natural and I generally believe that nothing is good if there isn’t something bad to level the playing field a bit.

To me there is one single exception to this belief. My TV series. Don’t mess with them. They are my fantasy world and I ship people – hard!

So this week I watched episode 4 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s second season. I watched Greg (Santino Fontana) teary eyed say goodbye to one of my favourite protagonists on TV. Then I got teary eyed because it felt like so much more than just a goodbye to Rebecca. It felt like a goodbye to the show and to us.


When I was told I even started crying. That is how important my TV series – and their individual ships – are to me.

Right now I am trying to wrap my head around not getting brilliant performances from Fontana every week and I have no clue how to.

The only thing I can think of right now is an ode to all the amazing times he has given me through out his barely more than a season run. In very particular order I give you the Greg songs from AH-MAZING to Out of this world brilliant.

7. We Tapped That Ass

Because he has to share the glory with Josh – and Josh is not my favourite. Though it does have brilliant lines such as “Please not on my chest”.

6. It Was a Shitshow

Because I cannot condone any song that is basically a goodbye. I don’t have it in me.
(But really, this song is superb!)

5. I Gave You a UTI

Another great song, but they couldn’t all be number 1. Or could they? This is my list after all. I guess I could make all of them number 1. No I won’t.

4. Greg’s Drinking Song

This is a newer song and I haven’t listened to it that much yet, but I loved it the moment it first played on my screen. Dance and sing along. please do it, it is fun!

3. What’ll it Be?

Just listen to it. If you are not absolutely in love with him by the end of this song something is wrong with you!

2. I Could If I Wanted To

Not a great love from the get go, but the more I listen to this the more I love it. The performance in this is beyond! And I could if I wanted to.

1. Settle For Me

The very first time we got to enjoy the perfection that is Santino Fontana. I have listened to this song so many times I have lost count, and I will continue to listen to it whenever I feel down because this is everything that is good in the world.


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