Don’t mess with my OTP.

Ugh, Emily Gilmore is testing my love for her with her idiotic actions. I know she grew up in a different era – people didn’t show emotions – and has different values – rich people are super annoying for us poor folk – and a whole set of her own issues. Normally I find her flaws and neuroses refreshingly honest -As does this Buzzfeed listicle – because she has not always had an easy life. Her separation from Richard also made her a bit more crazy – and Lorelai getting pregnant really messed up her perspective. Sometimes I think because Emily missed those years with Lorelai – and Rory – that she still sees Lorelai as a teenager and therefore tries to protect her as she sees fit, but that always backfires, because Lorelai is super independent. But this is maybe the one thing that will make me not like her anymore!

I tried finding a GIF without Lorelai’s response, but none existed – also a complete disaster btw.

She broke up Luke and Lorelai – okay, technically contributed, but it was a major contribution! – and I hate her for it.

She acting horribly and deserves Lorelai and Rory’s scorn. It was a low blow and she knew that Christopher still had feelings for Lorealai and would therefore act when prompted as clearly as he was. I buy that it made sense in her head, but that is the problem. It only made sense in her head, because she didn’t even consider Lorelai in the equation. And it annoys me to no end, because Emily and Lorelai were improving their relationship and I liked it!

Anyway, super kudos to Rory for being cold and distant towards Emily, because she deserves it. Dumb move Emily. I know you want what you think is best for Lorelai, but guess what? Lorelai does not want what you want for her. Have you forgotten the last 20 or so years. Ugh.

A few episodes later

Now Emily Gilmore might have finally done right by her daughter. She has told Luke that Lorelai loves him and Luke can take a hint, so my Gilmore Girls OTP are back together. Yay. I’m sure it took a lot of swallowed pride on Emily’s side and it was more because she wanted Lorelai back in her life than her actually thinking Luke and Lorelai makes sense, but she did it and I can respect her for that.

An episode later

But Emily Gilmore is will not rest, so when Lorelai doesn’t come back for Friday Night Dinners, she flips out and has a giant fight with Lorelai, who then is forced to yell back at her mother and spelling her anger out making me feel a little sorry for Emily. I still think Emily deserved it – I love her, but she is majorly flawed character – but I still felt a little sorry for her, because while she brings it on herself most of the time, she is trying to fix things in her own roundabout way.

Me feeling sorry for Emily is down to Kelly Bishop. She nails all of Emily’s emotions and make me feel for her so often. So while I’m annoyed with her at the moment, I still love her. I’m sure she will redeem herself soon and we can go back to normal.


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