An Ode to Lane Kim.

Besides our two main Gilmore Girls I’ve talked about my love for Emily Gilmore, but I’ve yet to talk about honorary Gilmore girl: Lane Kim.

Lane Kim could easily have been the token minority friends character, but she is so much more. Lane Kim gets to be a person with a complicated life and her own storylines. Lane Kim is a great best friend and all around good person which is great, because rebelling against a strict mother could have turned her into a not so great person. Lane Kim has interests that are not the same as her best friend’s and we get to explore those interests and not just hear about them secondhand in a retelling to the best friend. Lane Kim does not just exist to be your token best friend. Lane Kim is a fully fledged character and I love her. 

(So far, I’m in the middle of episode 10 of season 5 and while I doubt Lane Kim will do something that will make me love her less, she is Lane Kim and Lane Kim does her very best.)

Lane Kim gets to have proper love interests and love interests that are not Asian like her. This is something I like very much, because Lane Kim has earned her status and should not be limited. Lane Kim can date who she wants. Cute Asian-American guys that her mom will love? Check. Dorky band guys that her is willing to go through tons of hoops to date her? Check. And as of my latest viewing Lane Kim is dating Zack – whom I know she will end up marrying at some point in the show – and while it seemed out of the blue to begin with, I can totally see how well they work together, so I’m looking forward to exploring their relationship some more.

Besides being a dedicated best friend Lane Kim is also realistic and a hard worker. When her mom kicks her out Lane Kim wallows for a bit in Rory’s dorm room and on Lorelai’s couch, but then she finds a job at Luke’s and rents an apartment with her band mates. Lane Kim figures out her life and does what needs to be done. She takes charge of her life and makes thing happen.

But one of the main reasons I love Lane Kim is her relationship with her mom. Lane Kim has successfully hidden a whole other life from her strict Korean – and to add some extra flair christian – mother. Lane Kim knows that she can’t keep living the life she has with her mother and she takes a stand. This doesn’t exactly end well, but this doesn’t stop Lane Kim from still missing her mom and wanting her to be part of her life. And that is wonderful. Relationships are complicated and not easy to figure out, but Lane Kim is trying and that is what is important.

In conclusion. Lane Kim is awesome. And she rocks purple hair like nobody’s business.


So between writing this and the actually time it will be posted I’ve watched seven more episodes of Gilmore Girls and there is an update on Lane Kim and Zack’s relationship. They have now been dating for a couple of months and Zack is ready to take it up a notch and prepares a special evening. This is very cure, but Lane Kim misses all the clues, because despite her rebelling against her upbringing she is still very sheltered when it comes to romantic relationships.

Also it turns out that the one thing Lane Kim cannot escape form her strict christian upbringing was the idea of no sex before marriage. Bummer. I hope this will be explored soon, because I genuinely don’t know if the writers will have her wait or have sex before marriage. At this point both makes sense. Lane Kim might get her mother and her preaching completely out her head, or this will be the one thing from her girlhood that she just can’t shake. Either way, I am here for it, because Lane Kim will get over this latest obstacle just fine.


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