Five years ago my best friend in the whole world sat across the North Sea from me and missed me as much as I missed her. Therefore she decided to create a blog for us to communicate with each other. That blog is the one you are reading right now.

Five years is a lot of years. In total during those five years we’ve:

  • Lived in seven different places
  • Killed five fish
  • Watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries at least three times
  • Accumulated at least 30 plants – and killed at least half of that
  • Stayed up watching the Oscars four times
  • Gotten two master degrees
  • Started a podcast and then dropped it again
  • Published 344 posts – including this one

And countless other things. It has been a blast and we’ve loved it all – even the looooong periods of not posting. So here is to five more years!

celebratory dance.gif