The Stars Hollow Experience.

Like Diana I am watching many a new shows. So here is some very quick thoughts in bullet list form, because who doesn’t love a bullet list.

  • I personally really like Atlanta and how it is not at all predictable and just does what it needs to do.
  • Insecure from Issa Rae is also an early favourite, but I loved her webseries, so it is not really a surprise. Diana also watched the first episode before me and she very wisely predicted that I would love it.
  • I am a fan of The Good Place and plan to continue with it.
  • I’m on the fence with No Tomorrow. It is not bad, but I’m just not hooked. I’ll give it one more episode, maybe two, because four episodes are my usual give it a chance limit
  • Streaming with full seasons: I have Goliath, Haters Back Off and Luke Cage to watch.
  • I’m also looking forward to The Crown and while not a new show I’m looking forward to the new season of Black Mirror. It has been years, so it feel like a new show.

But now on to the main attraction!

These three are magic. 

Gilmore Girls. I’ve never watched it before and I’ve always wanted to. And since the follow up miniseries is premiering on November 25th I’ve created a battle plan. When I created this plan I had to watch 3 episode per day, meaning I have roughly a week for each season. I am in my second week, so I should be in the middle of the second season, but I had nothing to do this weekend, so I’m already five episode in to season three. I also know myself, so at some point I will be to busy to watch a whole season in a week, so I’m getting ahead. Anyway, I am stealing the Marathon Diary concept from Previously.TV and probably other websites, because that is how it goes.

Oh my gosh – I just saw a very young Riki Lindhome and now I can’t concentrate on anything else. This show is old and sometimes I get distracted by actors (Many who I’m looking forward to see!) and technology being outdated. Also I know a lot about the show from watching random episodes and being a person on the internet, but I am really loving it. I love so many things that I’ve created a list of things I love and other thoughts:

  • Emily Gilmore. She is fantastic and I don’t care what anyone else says.
  • Rory and Luke’s relationship. It is adorable and just all around great.
  • I like Dean – even if I know what happens later – he is a great first boyfriend.
  • I love that I can watch it without having to look at the screen all the time, because it is so dialogue heavy.
  • The dynamic between Lorelai and Christopher feels very real.
  • I don’t have any strong feeling about Jess.
  • Luke and his curmudgeon attitude.
  • Paris is insane, but she makes sense and I can’t wait to see more of her.
  • I love that Paris, Dean and Jess appear in the credits when they are in an episode and not when they are not.
  • Lane is delightful and I just met Adam Brody’s character and I love them together.
  • Sookie and Jackson are my favourite couple so far.
  • This show loves pop culture as much as me, so yay.

Okay, that is my two cents for now. I plan to update you on my progress periodically during the marathon.


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