My schedule is full.

Half way through October means most of our new TV series have premiered. And most of the old ones as well. For now none of the ones I’m watching have been cancelled and in general it seems cancelling-mania has not yet begun. I wish it would though because my schedule is rather full and I am only just keeping up with viewings.

A new TV season means both ups and downs, and I thought I’d share some of mine with you.

I knew I’d like this one

For me This is us is exactly what I look for in TV. A solid ensemble with a story about love and life. It was a clear go for me and though the show surprises me (along with the rest of the internet – and world in general) it does not surprise me in the least that I like it. I’m really looking forward to see where they are going to take it though. But it sure is taking a place in my heart where a whole has been for a while.


I’m still not sure

I’ve found it a little difficult to really get into Atlanta. For many reasons I guess. Being white and living in a country with very few people who are not it is hard to relate to the story, but the more I watch it the more I appreciate the jokes and the portrayal of a life very far from my own. I have decided to watch the rest of the series but I am still not certain if I’ll return for seconds.


Also The Good Place has me torn. I definitely came for Kristen Bell and for the most part I’m staying for her. The later episodes, where the story has been more in focus and all the basics of the world has been clarified, are definitely getting better. Depending on where they take it I might return next season. I am very sceptical though as the story seems to be in danger of being dragged out and not enough development is sure to kill any show for me.

This is terrible advertisement for the show – Nick Rheinwald-Jones has some great thoughts on that on

Just check logic at the door

Being a great fan of both Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin – along with a long time love of The CW – I was really looking forward to the new show No Tomorrow. Granted it does have its moments but there are a lot of throwing logic aside while watching. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend makes you do the same but where that show is keeping my guessing whether Rebecca is imagining everything I am being forced into believing the very anal Evie is ready to just throw logic to the wind and enter a relationship with the most free spirited (and totally cuckoo) Xavier (with an X). Besides, the world is supposed to end in less than nine months. What is the second series going to be about? The disappointment of the world NOT ending? Not sure it will really work.

No Tomorrow.jpg
Who made this? Because this is one saturated poster!!!

Bull also makes me check logic at the door but for completely different reasons. Where is the money coming from? I don’t get it and I am guessing this will be a mystery never solved. I do get to keep Michael Weatherly on my screen after he quit NCIS and there are some quite nice one liners on the show. So for now I am ready to forget about the piles of green bills being thrown into this deep black whole that must cost more to run every week than I make in a year.


The best is yet to come

I have yet to watch something that blows my mind. Everything new on my schedule could get cancelled and I’d probably get over it in less than 24 hours. But there is hope yet!

Yes! it is October. No! that does not mean there is not yet great things to come. In my future i have two amazing shows I am still waiting for. Both from Netflix actually. Naturally I am anxiously awaiting Gilmore Girls: a year in the life because anyone who grew up with the original is. It will be amazing for sure.


In just 20 days The Crown will be released, and I cannot wait to be let into the life of the most regal family in the world, with this show depicting the magnificent life of Queen Elisabeth II. It is going to be pure magic (I hope).



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