There has been a lot of talk about Hiddleston at our house lately. He has always been part of our favourite brits, but particularly with The Night Manager he has shown up in conversations everywhere. Naturally – as with everyone else who has a special place in our hearts – Tom is not known by his first nor his last name. He is simply Hiddlebutt.

After The Night Manager ended, which only took about six weeks, we decided to continue on our brit-quest and watch the 2012 episodes of The Hollow Crown. So after the first episode, we are now sitting through three episodes full of Hiddlebutt.

If you don’t get out fascination with this impeccable human being I bring you…

exhibit A


exhibit B


exhibit C


And when we finish with the 2012 episodes there are three more Hollow Crowns to watch – two of witch feature our favourite Toastencrunch.

Hiddlebutt and Toastencruch – it is close to magic.