Excuses is my thing. If any of you have been following this blog since we started it back in 2011 – I really don’t expect anyone to have stuck to this for that long because we have been on some journey with the blog – but if you have you will know that I have apologised for my lack of posting quite a few times.

It is not that I don’t think about the blog because it really is important to me. It is just that life so often happens. Here I go again with the excuses. I’ll stop.

Rikke is updating the “Goodnight Diana” section regularly, with the exception of this month. She is very much excused though, as she is handing in her thesis on Wednesday. In fact I’ve forgone dreams on a regular basis these days as I don’t want to pressure her. I still get them quite a few nights but I can’t count on it every night.

If you are not familiar with “Goodnight Diana” it is Rikke’s way of wishing me goodnight. She comes up with something for me to dream about that night. To me it is a new kind of “daily hunk“, which was a couple of epic weeks where I got daily hunks sent to me via text. I think I prefer “Goodnight Diana” though. Mostly because it has lasted for quite some time now and I like the idea of having different dreams, which can be anything from a series of snaps to Youtube videos to pictures, but is not limited to pictures. I often get a whole back story and that makes it feel less creepy than “daily hunk”.

So there you are. We might not always blog, but when we do it is mediocre.


Love Nate.