Tom Selleck and his magic moustache.

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of Blue Bloods. When I say a lot I mean it – I’ve watched five seasons in three weeks. When you watch so much of a show in such a short time there are patterns that you wouldn’t normally notice, which become clear to you. To me this is the absolute irrefutable fact that Tom and Selleck would have sex appeal with a broomstick.

Tom and Selleck

It’s not like I find him particularly appealing – I didn’t on Friends either – but something fascinating happens whenever he appears on screen with someone he is not supposed to be related to on the show. There is sex written all over. The funny thing is that in five seasons – and the few episodes I’ve watched of the sixth – he hasn’t really acted on it. Okay there was some journalist in a few episodes in the very beginning, but that was different.

I blame the moustache. I’ve seen pictures of him without it – you can too, but beware, it is frightening – and I do believe his magic is in the hairs on his upper lip. Tom and Selleck is one of very few people who look better with a moustache than without it.

I will continue the quest to figure out what lies behind the magic of the moustache as I continue my quest to get up to date on Blue Bloods before the season finale next Saturday.

Until then I give you MY favourite part of Blue Bloods – Will Estes.

Will Estes


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