So the Powerpuff girls are coming back with a brand new Cartoon Network show and to celebrate you can go and #PowerpuffYourself on their website.

I do plan on colouring my hair purple, but it will end up being more lavender than purple purple.

And it is awesome. I spend way too long deciding how I would look. And since I’m only posting pictures on the blog at the moment I thought I would share how awesome I would look as a Powerpuff Girl. 

Because I am nothing if not generous I shared my creation on Twitter and challenged Peter, Gro, Kåre and Diana to create their own. I was not disappointed. Well I had to create Kåre’s but I really didn’t expect him to do it himself, so still not a disappointment.

Here is what they came up with and what I decided on for Kåre and a Twitter-less Lars based on their Facebook profile pictures. Enjoy!

(I made them a slide show, because otherwise your eyes will die from all the animation.)

(You eyes might still die.)

(Sorry, but I’m not sorry.)

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