Supply and demand.

I’m sitting on the couch enjoying some random internet time when Diana all but demands that I post more Friendship Reasons, because we have so many of them and she wants entertainment, I guess?

But as I’m not actively doing anything else I will allow her to get her way this time.

2014-07-22 22.04.08
#25: Therapy.

2014-07-29 15.22.21
#26: #Fact
2014-11-11 19.40.45
#27: Don’t give a fuck.
#28: Mind your bladder.
2015-04-07 10.49.47
#29: Seeking proof, not stalking!
batman's daily hunk
#30: Batman’s Daily Hunk Mail Service.
2015-04-17 10.52.18
#31: Speechless.
#32: Internet Speak is hard.
2015-05-07 19.45.33
#33: One cool customer.

There you go, another round of random texts illustrating the bonds of friendship. And if anyone out there wants a translation of the Danish just comment and I’ll do my best to translate and still have the text make as little sense as they do now.



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