0 days to go

That’s right. Today is my birthday and it turns out three absolutely a party make. I started my morning with the first present and some cocoa, which in case you didn’t know actually makes everything better. My back was still killing me so I downed some painkillers and then a journeyed into the world.

The day has been fabulous. I left the apartment this morning looking like a queen – I even considered wearing my tiara, because YES I have a tiara, and it isn’t even metaphorical – but decided the world wasn’t ready for that. I took my princess cupcakes and I went to work. I made it all of ten minutes before I started talking about how it was my birthday. A flag was fetched and I was happy. I then mistakenly thought I’d leave early today, but after downing another set of pain killers after lunch I was good to go again, so a whole day was fine.

I came back home to a fresh smell of flowers as the absolutely lovely and amazing Gro and Peter had made sure I got a birthday bouquet. I love you guys loads and loads and loads.


I put fresh lipstick and ventured into the world with Rikke and my brother for an amazing dinner. It has been a long time since I was this full of nothing but delicious food. If you are ever in Aarhus and need to eat – go to Komfur (Stove). I’ve been there a few times now and it is always absolutely amazing, topped with some nice staff.

Now Rikke and I are contemplating never leaving the couch. All in all a very great birthday. And yes the three of us had a blast tonight.

Greetings from the three birthday celebrators.