28 going on 80.

Today was going to be about how excited I am to only have one more sleep until tomorrow, but to be honest I could do with a bit more than that.

First a picture:

1 day to go

And then here’s why:

I slept on my parents’ couch last night because the air mattress had a hole. I woke up and after hanging around at my parents’ place with my brother I started to pack. Then suddenly as I’d just put something in my suitcase and was standing up straight, something happened in my back. It is not like it cracked or anything, it was more a sudden pressure and then it felt warm.

I’ve spent the rest of the day walking around with a bent back looking like an 80-year-old with collapsing bones. I googled what to do and the internet tells me to keep moving and just accept the pain for a few days. So now my 29th birthday will be celebrated with a Lumbago. I feel so old and pathetic. First Jesus steals my thunder and now my back has decided I am suddenly old.

NB! a lumbago is actually as common for young people as for old. The internet also told me that 30% of the Danish population have suffered from this, to some degree, within the last two weeks. But seriously. The day before my birthday. Was it the Jesus comment yesterday that totally messed up my karma? No, can’t be. Karma and Jesus are two different religions. Just tough luck I guess, and the universe being the same old bitch.

Hopefully the last sleep will let this old lady (me) feel better by her birthday.

30th year on planet earth – here I come! Just give me a sec I’m not so fast today.


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