I skipped a day.

Well sh*t happens and yesterday I was celebrating my birthday with my parents, brother and grandparents – so there was no time for blogging.

Good news is – now there is only two more days!

2 days to go.png

On the flip side, today was sort of taken over by celebrating Easter. Typical of Jesus to impose on my birthday week.

My brother – who is 24 – told my mum he wanted the easter bunny to stop by, so we went on an egg hunt in the garden. Yes a 24 and 29-year-old went looking for eggs in the garden. It was weird and I sincerely hope the neighbours didn’t notice.

But now all this easter thingy is over and I can go back to focusing 100% on my birthday. I didn’t do that earlier because I accidentally booked a table at the wrong restaurant and they are closed until five on Tuesday so I can’t undo my mistake until then. I guess that is their only problem and Jesus’ fault. Typical Jesus.

For now I leave you and tell you to look forward to tomorrow, which is the last day of my 29th year on this earth. After that I will begin my 30th. Yey. Or something.


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  1. R. Henneberg says:

    That Jesus, always so attention seeking. Typical.

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