So the “party” hasn’t grown since yesterday. With four more days until I begin my last year in my twenties, we are still three people for the festivities.

4 days to go

I’ve started contemplating where to go for the big birthday dinner, and since I’m the accommodating birthday girl I’ve asked my co-celebrators where they would like to go. My brother is a meat eater and Rikke is not – so that choice should be easy, right!

For now though I’m focusing on tomorrow. I’m going to my parents’ for the weekend and tomorrow we will celebrate my birthday. Though it is clearly not my birthday (see picture above). I will just have to make do with the day I am dealt and then hopefully it won’t be too bad with my parents, my brother and my grandparents tomorrow night.

I will let you know tomorrow.

Until then stay calm and remember it is now four days until my birthday is upon us.