I can count the days on one hand.

FIVE days people. To what? Didn’t you read my post yesterday? Then you know the answer: MY BIRTHDAY!

5 days to go

Today I played boardgames with my brother, Rikke and Camilla. I almost forgot about the birthday which is only five days away. That is until I remembered that I could invite my brother to come for dinner with Rikke and I. He accepted. Now my birthday is almost going to be a party. Like a proper one. Three is a party right? No you’re right – we need more people.

Cake always brings people to the yard – or however the song goes. So I baked cupcakes tonight. Practice makes perfect, and my birthday cake need to be perfection!

Look how cute they are. Wouldn’t you totally come to my birthday if I served such delicious cake?

Lemon and vanilla cupcakes

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