It’s a gif off.

Sometimes Rikke and I have a “gif off”. It is basically just sending gifs back and forth. No one ever really wins, but we have fun while it is happening. Our newest “gif off” was a true Channing Tatum battle.

I thought of making this a #FriendshipReason, but this is more awesome. Enjoy!

Diana_roundChanning Tatum 1





Rikke_roundChanning Tatum 2






Channing Tatum 3





Rikke_roundChanning Tatum 4






Diana_roundChanning Tatum 5





Rikke_roundChanning Tatum 6





Diana_roundChanning Tatum 7




Rikke_roundChanning Tatum 8








Diana_roundChanning Tatum 9





You’re welcome!


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