United in Texts.

We’ve started resurrecting #FriendshipReason on Instagram, but we haven’t updated the blog with them since the 6th reason. This means that we are waaaaay behind, because Diana posted reason number 50 just the other day.

So without further ado here is another bunch of reasons why we are friends and a general look into how we communicate with each other.

reason 7
#7: Tagging.

reason 8
#8: THCOD Love
2013-03-17 13.20.33
#9: Compliments?
2013-04-16 00.09.30
#10: Imaginary lives.
2013-06-11 19.14.36
#11: Circles!
2013-06-19 11.20.33
#12: Ed, Edd and Eddy
2013-06-25 12.23.51
#13: Patriotic.
2013-07-02 18.44.31
#14: Cause of death.

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