Monkey show.

The observant reader will have noticed that Rikke and I went to a concert on Friday. We are still in our twenties so naturally we know someone who’s in a band and we go to see them play as much as we can.

On Friday Federal Unicorn released a new EP, after having released two albums. It is always a great night when we go hear them, and so was Friday. We were introduced to new friends and fellow groupies – because though Rikke like to call us roadies I tend to think that requires doing actual work. We do shots, drinks, beer and a lot of dancing.

If you ever want to see me dance, a Federal Unicorn concert is where that happens. Nowhere else.

The thing about Friday though was the 3D posters the guys made and hung all over Aarhus to promote the concert. There were pink, yellow and two-coloured ones. The two-coloured – there were three – would get you a ticket and the new EP. If you could get it down.

So on Thursday Rikke and I went unicorn hunting. It was cold, but amazing. We found seven and felt very proud – until we learned that there were 25 all in all.


The challenge then was to get one down, and since it was broad daylight we decided to skip getting any of them down and then leave the free tickets for someone else.

After a few drinks on Friday though, Rikke decided she did want one of them and despite having given up on our tour Friday she picked which one of them she wanted to get. This one:


Here is where I would like to note that Rikke is 5’4″.

Lucky for you guys I didn’t care about keeping her safe as the attempted to get it down, so I have parts of it on video. It is a little dark/poor quality, but it is better than nothing.

She complained, she crawled down, she climbed back up. It was tough. But she did it.


So we went to the concert. Rikke got in for free and she received the EP – as a cassette tape. It was glorious.

Then we danced, partied, drank and met new people. Fun night.

Oh also, Rikke’s extra on THCOD was still hot, and yeah she’d still do him (okay so would I). And with this image, I’ll leave you.



One Comment Add yours

  1. R. Henneberg says:

    Such a fun night!

    To those who are wondering: the unicorn now live comfortably in the apartment and I’ve named her Svend.

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