I can’t say no.

As everyone learned in Diana’s excellent post on Sunday, we have quite the mug collection. It is magnificent.

This weekend I might have acquired two more cups. And another television and somehow started collecting cow horns. I’d say that I don’t know how it happened, but that would be a lie. I know exactly how it happened and I did nothing to stop it. Not a thing. At several instances I could have stopped myself, but I didn’t even try.

The mugs we acquired by less than honest means. I didn’t steal them from a store or someone’s home or anything like that. I also has my mother’s support in the endeavour. We had gone to a Creative Expo of sorts and we’re waiting in the “club house” of a racing club for my dad to finish a meeting and these mugs were there in abundance and no one knew where they came from of whose logo was on them. So I sort of sneaked the two mugs into the car and now they are mine.

The television was a gift, so I’m not a fully bad person. My grandparents had to get a new one because the old one wasn’t compatible with the television cables and what not, so as oldest grandchild I got the offer of the old one first. We don’t need a new television in our apartment and it appears to be of the same quality of the one we have, but who says no to free television. Not this gal!

The horns are a bit more difficult to explain. I’ve never been fascinated by them, but I do admire and want to inherit he dead deer heads my grandfather has. Mostly because he is the badass who killed the deer. Anyway at the Creative Expo a lady was selling jewellery and other things made out of horn and she had loose horn for sale. So after inquiring to the sustainability of the horns – they were from African slaughter cows – I bought one because it looked cool. Then when I went to pick up the television I told ny grandfather and he found a horn from a cow he used to own. It just lived in a cupboard except for that one time my cousin took it to show and tell, so if I wanted it u could have it. Of course I wanted it. Firstly it was way smoother and smaller than the other one and secondly my grandfather removed it form the cow himself. I have no idea where these will go, but they will be an awesome addition to my gallery wall. Or a shelf.

In the end it getting all of these extra things home proved a little challenging because my dad didn’t have time to drive me home. I asked and he could not spare two hours of his time, because he has about a month to fix the race car up for the new season.

So me, my tote bags and the television took the train. The television fit perfectly on a seat and I didn’t even have to hold it to stop it from falling down and breaking. The biggest issues was carrying the television when the two tote bags fell slowly from my shoulder to my elbow and wrist, but the longest I had to walk was from the bus stop to the apartment where nothing exciting happened. A few people gave me knowing looks. The looks of people who also had to transport something difficult to carry on public transport. Luckily I’m a champ at it. I’ve take giant pictures, old Carlsberg crates, IKEA furniture and a book case and I give zero fucks to people looking at me.


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