Great acceptance speeches or (the lack thereof)

My first thought on last night’s Oscar ceremony is that it was an okay show. Though calling it a show might be stretching it. It seemed to me that last night was mostly about meeting the criticism of #OscarSoWhite, which is definitely important, no doubt about it. Maybe it was this focus, maybe it was the new format but the speeches was not what I remember the Oscars being about. Somehow every winner seemed surprised, with the exception of Leonardo DiCaprio – or Leonard as we like to call him at our house – which is strange since he should probably be the most surprised.

This was his speech. THIS is an Oscar speech:

That is pretty much what I have to share from this year – nothing else really stuck with me as acceptance speeches go. Instead, here are some inspiration for next year, from last year’s winners.

Patricia Arquette making Meryl Streep go “Hell yeah”:

And in gif, because we can:
Meryl Streep

J.K. Simmons telling you to go call your parents (listen to him):

John Stephens and Lonnie Lynn making it about equality for everyone:

Julianne Moore focusing on fighting the diseases out there:

And finally, my favourite speech form the impeccable Eddie Redmayne, who just killed it with his sincerity and charm:

That, ladies and gentlemen, was my first thought on the 88th Academy Awards ceremony.


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