A comedy podcast about death!

Let’s take a break from all the Oscar Madness™ – I’m still working on my evaluation of ALL the movies we watched – and talk about death.

As you may have noticed I’m not writing a lot on this blog, so I’ve decided to post my nightly dream commands to Diana, because she said it could be a good idea. I’ve created a page that I will update every once in awhile. But I’m also just going to write about things I like and right now this is what I like at the moment. And I think others might like it as well.

I’ve been listening to Dear Hank and John for the past half year and I’m liking it very much. Hank and John Green answer questions and give dubious advice to their listeners. They talk about death a lot, read short poems, and give updates on what is going on with the planet Mars and the English football club AFC Wimbledon. It is great. Unless you don’t like Hank and John, but I do, so I love their odd rambling advice which is indeed dubious.

One of the reasons I love Dear Hank and John is that if Diana and I had a podcast where we gave advice to people, it would be dubious kind of advice that they give. We are great people and very wise and therefore would give the best of advice, but I feel that we would not take people’s questions serious at all and would just goat each other into giving increasingly bad advice. Which is why we are not the ones with an advice based podcast.

Yes, I have that high opinion of our ability to give good advice. But at the same time I would really like to give advice to random people, so if anyone out there have any questions and need any advice, please feel free to ask them in the comments.

This post was not actually brought to you by Dear Hank and John, since they do not sponsor me. It was brought to you by procrastination. Procrastination – my favourite nation.

Now back to the thesis writing.


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