The result of watching 41 films.

I’ve been rather busy the last few weeks. 41 films is a lot, especially when you actually have to assess them while watching. But I am doing it, as is Rikke. We are badasses.

It can’t come as a surprise to anyone that we like films, maybe even love. I don’t think anyone who don’t would ever enter on such a quest as to watch all Oscar nominations, but we are – again.

What I particularly love about films is the variety of aspects that goes into making a good one. No actor can make a film if the sound is bad or the story isn’t there. No story can relay with the viewer if the image is contradictory or if even one actor is not on the same page as the others. This is also why I don’t mind spoilers, but more on that some other time. I appreciate how everyone need each other and this is exactly why I love the Oscars. I watch the films for so many different aspects that I can’t help but be completely filled up by awe.

Okay you are not here to hear about my film fetish so let’s get to it – the ups and downs of the 88th Academy Awards nominees.

– What a surprise –



I really weren’t sure about this one, because the premise is so dark and depressing, but the entire thing i portrayed with just the right amount of respect of the people who have ever had to endure something similar and still sticking to telling the harsh truths.

Mostly though, I was impressed by Jacob Tremblay. This kid should not only have been nominated for all the Oscars, he should also have won all of them. His performance is solid as I have rarely witnessed. If you are a doubter just watch this acceptance speech from the Critics’ Choice Awards – it is short of perfection.



I have always and will always be a fan of pretty much anything Disney/Pixar produces. But this year I really hope a lesser grandiose film wins because Anomalisa was such a treat. Though history is not in favour of this.

As I have previously expressed, everything is just spot on. The storytelling, the voices, the stop motion – all flawless. I can’t praise this film enough and I urge everyone who hasn’t yet to watch it immediately. If the perfection of the execution isn’t enough it is an independent film funded through Kickstarter – Yes you read that correctly – regular people made it happen.

Ex Machina

Ex machina

I don’t love this as much as the previous two, but I really didn’t want to watch it, which left much room for surprise. What fascinated me about Ex Machina was the film’s ability to re-tell an old story in a new and much more relevant perspective.

What I did love about it was Alicia Vikander’s portrayal of Ava, which can be seen some in the trailer. Also the beauty of the film. The scenes are depicting some great nature and perfect use of lighting in the closed up science bubble that is the home of Ava and her “Frankenstein”. Okay maybe I like this film a lot more than I even realised.



Had it not been for the commitment to the Oscar nominee watching I would have never gone to the cinema to see this one. I’m glad I did though.

I had read some teaser text and seen (well mostly listened to) a trailer or two prior to watching this. Still I was very surprised by the premise of the film. The level of commitment shown by not only Bryan Cranston but also the rest of the cast pushes the film forward. The story if different and told honestly.

On top of that, I was entertained. I hated Hedda, portrayed by Mirren and I never once felt like anyone but her and John Wayne were the bad guys of this story. It is a piece that looks within the industry and acknowledge the history of Hollywood. Well done.

– I just loved this –

The Revenant

The Revenant

I need to get something off my chest before we talk about the film. I appreciate Leonardo DiCaprio and I definitely wouldn’t mind him winning the Oscar for best actor in a leading role this year, but he is not as overlooked as some will have you believe. He has been nominated thrice for a leading role and once for a supporting, so please people, calm yourselves. The most nominations without a win is Peter O’Toole who has been nominated EIGHT times and all of them for actor in a leading role. That makes him eight against three. Then I haven’t even mentioned Kevin O’Connell who has received 20 sound nominations and not won a single time. End of discussion.

And now to the actual film in question. It is a beauty. The choices made with the cut, the sound and the way the camera is up in the face of all the actors are all factors that makes this film a masterpiece. The scenic shots serves a great purpose of letting the viewer travel alongside Hugh, and not to forget the impeccable acting by everyone on screen. I concur with all the nominations for this beauty of a film.

The Danish Girl

The Danish Girl

Before I went to watch this film, what I knew about it was that Eddie Redmayne and Ben Wishaw was in it – I also knew Alicia Vikander played a role but I had no idea who she was – and I knew that it was about the Danish transgender pioneer Lili. Safe to say I was excited. And I was not let down. The film is beautiful and the acting impeccable. Vikander and Redmayne play with and against each other so beautifully that they manage to slowly drag you into the lives of the characters and the story. The writing and execution has just the right level of gravitas that this film stayed with me for days after I watched it.

It has but one minor flaw. The place that is supposed to be Vejle was filmed in Norway meaning there are mountains and quite different nature than what Vejle is. I think that is a shame because it pulled me back to reality and I started nit-picking at all the small flaws every film has. Still I think you should go watch it and then google pictures of Vejle afterwards if you don’t know what it looks like already.



I’m team Tony. Just thought I would get that out of the way. Team Tony all the way.

The film is beautifully put together. The acting is superb and all actors play to each other’s strengths, which is such a joy to watch. The story is interesting and transferrable to so many other aspects of life – also still relevant today. Saoirse is brilliant and makes you root for the happiness of Eilis. Another strong performance by an actress in a leading role, it is becoming a very difficult category to pick in.

Also Jim Broadbent is in this and he is as brilliant as in everything else.

– Such a waste of time –

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

I will simply repeat myself: This film should never have been made. There is no story, nothing new, nothing that makes me want to spend my time on watching this.

I believe Michael Fassbender’s nomination for best leading actor should have gone to Jacob Tremblay and then Kate Winslet’s nomination could have gone to either Diane Lane, Helen Mirren or even Elle Fanning for either of their roles in Trumbo.

I simply didn’t like this film. And at least I know that most of Denmark agreed with me because it only ran for two weeks at the cinema.



Normally I would say it is difficult being disappointed by something you have no expectation of but none the less this is exactly what happened with Sicario. The most memorable thing in this film was all the bodies in the wall and that happens within the first few minutes. After that I spent most of the time trying to figure out how to pronounce Sicario, which, as it turns out, should be pronounced with a ‘k’ rather than with an ‘s’ in the middle. Like this: sɪˈkɛərɪəʊ.

Shaun the sheep movie

Shaun The Sheep MovieI must admit I have never watched a lot of Shaun the sheep, if any actually, but the film still manages to make me feel like it is just a shorter cartoon dragged out. I have absolutely no need to ever watch this again.

Obviously this animation is for the kids, but there is nothing in there to make me fall in love with it as an adult. If you are nostalgic and loved Shaun the Sheep as a kid you will most likely love this, if like me you’re not then you probably won’t. Up to you if you watch this or not.


I still have a few films to go, but none I believe will fall into any of the categories above. I would like to mention though that the only reason Mad Max: fury Road is not on the list is because it has been so long since I watched it. Carol disappointed me a bit but then on the other hand I didn’t really expect so much of it and it is in no way unwatchable.

I expect there to be a separate post on all the shorts when I watch them, after they are released on the 23rd February. I have learned to appreciate and love those shorts, so it will most likely be a very appraising post.


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