Midway report.

Yesterday we crossed the first month since this year’s Oscar nominees were announced. It also marked the day of two weeks left until the big night. On the 14th of January we needed to watch 38 movies – since we had already watched three – and that number has now been brought down to 19. This means that we have crossed the magic halfway line.

The quick reader will have noticed that far more than half of the days have gone and passed, but fret not kind friend. Of the 19 remaining movies to be watched, 10 of them are shorts, which will be released on february 23rd and has been known to be watchable within a day. which brings us down to nine more movies. Four of these we have tickets to go watch at the cinema. Really, what I am trying to say is:

We will make it!

A couple of years ago both Rikke and I posted about the movies which surprised us, we knew we would love and our major disappointments. We will continue this tradition this year and here is a little taste of what I have in store for you.

This year’s major disappointment:

Anyone who has watched this has to agree with me. I am not saying Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet or any of the others aren’t doing a great job, but there is only so nice a dinner you can make with scraps from the garbage pile.

This movie should never have been made. There is no story, nothing new, nothing that makes me want to spend my time on watching this. All the movie does is tell us that Steve Jobs was not a nice person, which everyone knew already.

I really didn’t like this, at all.


This year’s big surprise:


I LOVED this movie. The animation is flawless and for once an animated movie was not intended for kids. I truly appreciate all sorts of animation but this resonated with me in a way I rarely experience.

The story is there, the animation is on spot, the music and mixing is spotless. If you haven’t watched this yet then get going.

A little extra ‘fun’ fact is that this started out as a Kickstarter campaign – how awesome is that? True awesome!


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