The Triple A Effect.

What is the triple a? one might ask.

I will tell you, good people of the internet. The triple a is naturally

Academy Awards Adventures

My lovely partner in crime and I have have them every year – the adventures – and this year is no exception. I recently posted about how busy lives we keep but that is not going to stop us from going all in on the Oscars.

For the past two years we have added a little extra spice to the annual Oscar night. Back in 2014 (yes I know, ages ago) we decided to celebrate the Oscar night with some great friends of ours – they also wrote posts about it, which can be read here and here. Because we were having a collaborative Oscar night we decided something that has now become a tradition on its own. We decided to watch as many of the nominees as we possibly could. This might not seem a great feat to all, but let me tell you something, when you live in Denmark and movies tend to have releases months later here than in the US it becomes a rather difficult task. This year we have 4-5 movies, which don’t come out until March, making it practically impossible to watch them before the big night, set for February 28.

We were glued to our computer screens on Thursday when the nomination announcement was streamed live from Hollywood. Not much came as a surprise this year, and thankfully we had watched all of three of the nominated films. Last year it was only one, so we were relieved. Maybe it was this initial relief or maybe because I had been in bed ill for three days, but somehow we decided to watch all movies nominated in 20 of the 24 categories. The four we are skipping are Documentary Feature, Documentary Short, Makeup & Hairstyling, and Music (original song). Makeup and Hairstyling was my choice because I couldn’t deal with watching a movie about some weird elephant thing (okay I haven’t got completely what this is about), but we will probably end up watching it anyways. Music (original song) doesn’t require watching the movies, but rather just listening to the songs, which we normally do, so there is that category as well. The documentaries, well they are just really hard to find, and we are not made of time.

So that brings the final count to 41 movies (including the shorts), of which we have already watched 3. 45 days (coincidentally also the title of a nominated movie) to watch 38 movies. Totally doable, totally.

Just remember, on february 28, We all Dream in Gold.



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