Don’t censor sh*t.

Here it is people; the truth. You seem like people who can handle the truth. This blog is not what it used to be. I know, I used to write on here from time to time.

I just went through our previous posts to find a specific one. I didn’t know what the post was about, just that I used a specific picture for it. Turns out it was the post where I’d lost my dignity. This has nothing to do with anything, I just wanted to state this.

There used to be somewhat weekly rants on here, which is most definitely not the case now. I am not sure if 2015 or 2014 was our worst year.

Hold on a sec, I’ll check…

Turn out 2015 – BY FAR. Though somehow we managed to have more visitors and views than back in 2013. 2013 had a sh*t load of comments and likes though, so that year wins just from that.

So what do we take from leaving the worst year of the blogs history of a bit more than four years? Nothing is the honest answer, and I’ve just stated that you can handle the truth. There is a slight chance though that we will realise the error of our ways, but this is a very slight chance. Just wanted to point that out. Slight. No pressure needed here.

The reasons for our absence are plentiful – so here is a sample of some of them:

  • Rikke is writing her master thesis and that shit is hard
    (Yes I realise I censored the word shit previously and it makes no sense when I don’t now, but this is my (technically our) blog and I (we) can do whatever the H I (we) want. Butt.)
  • I’m working. Yes, like a grown-up. I realise how my comment about censorship above doesn’t really count in my favour of convincing you of my adulthood, but I promise, I work like a grown-up.
  • Oscar season. You might think this only counts for about a month and a half every year, but really after watching all of those movies we sort of often need a break.
    (What? We post a lot during Oscar season? Well… I still call this is a legitimate reason.)

You aren’t getting any more reasons now, but I promise they are plentiful. Plentiful I tell you.

The morale of the story?

Censorship tells the wrong story.



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