Who ordered Winter?

We’re back! A week has passed and while we were gone Winter came. As in seriously! All of last week I walked around New York without a jacket on, simply covering myself with cardigans and scarves in the evenings, and this somehow lulled me into a state of comfort where packing my scarves into the bottom of my suitcase seemed like the sensible thing to do when we travelled back home. WRONG!

I was given the first warning of my mistake when we landed in Amsterdam early Sunday morning (Europe time) and Instagram told me that Copenhagen and the rest of Zealand had a blizzard while we were in the air. Yes a freakin’ blizzard. I hoped it stayed over east but boy was I wrong. 

As we landed in Billund Airport we could see some white on the ground. We got out of the plane, in our tiny jackets – windbreaker my ass – and it was freezing. As in literally freezing! We got our stuff into the bus to take us home and hit the road. The 80 minute trip took an extra hour as the motorway was one lane and no car was going faster than 80 km/h (50 m/h).

IMG_0899It was chaos!

If you are not from Denmark there is one thing you need to know, we do not handle weather very well. Yes I mean weather. Any weather. Trains stop running, or with major delays, cars end up other places than on the actual road, planes get cancelled and people go into a state of frenzy. This happens with anything from leaves falling to snow or even if the temperature rise above 30 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit). Sometimes it even happens because. Just because.

So when we finally reached Aarhus after having travelled for 18+ hours, we went shopping and I decided to jump in a taxi for the last few kilometres from the centre of town to home. It was amazing to finally just sit down.

Then began the struggle of keeping my eyes open – a struggle I’m still having. Keeping awake at work is proving quite the test today, but that is sort of another  story.



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