Be prepared.

Tomorrow is the day that we get on a bus to go to the airport to fly to New York to take the subway to see the most wonderful Pernille in the whole wide world.

Therefore preparations have slowly begun. International drivers licences have been acquired – despite the case of the missing green stamp – audio books have been downloaded to iPods, airplanes have been checked into, adapters have been unearthed from underneath beds and laundry have been washed, and so forth. Packing shall commence later today, well let’s be honest I’ll wait till tonight to start.

Once the bags have been packed all I need to do is sleep for one more night and then I get to go to NEW YORK CITY. I can already promise that I’ll be a pain in the ass on all the social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat and you’ll all be jealous of me and I’ll be like:

suffer bitch

I’m not even sorry because I need this vacation and reunion with Pernille so bad. Life has been kicking my ass lately; now it’s time for me to kick life’s ass.

All suggestions for places to see are welcome in the comments!


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