Focus Diana. Focus!

So two more days and then I’ll be all: “Sayonara” Denmark and “Hello” New York*.

Tomorrow I’m going to an event at my old University, so this is my last day before the vacation at the actual office. My brain is so scattered and unfocused it is incredible I can even write, yet alone spell. I need to be rescued, I need to be rescued bad.


It doesn’t really help that my job these days entail tying up loose ends before I leave, so the amount of work is not exactly overwhelming today. I have a few minor tasks, but nothing to take my mind off of the coming trip and how absolutely amazing it is going to be. It cannot become Saturday fast enough. Until it is I just want to lie down and sleep it off.

sleep it off

The only issue with this approach is all the things I still have to do. I have to go into town after work to have an International drivers license issued, as we are going to Washington for a day next week, and we are driving there. I have to pack. I have to do some last minute laundry. I have to send a trillion e-mails (yes, a trillion). I have to read the entire guide book. Okay I won’t read the entire thing, but I am just so afraid I will miss something really important.

Oh by the by – Gods of travels and famous people, if it is at all possible that I can see just one famous person during our trip (I was deprived of this when I went to LA some years back, so I’m owed one), I would very much appreciate it if this one person – just one – could be Daniel Vincent Gordh. Thank you. Why?

Daniel Vincent GordhBecause!

Focus Diana. Focus!

Okay I’m back.

Well not really back, but I have to pick myself up and do some actual work for the remaining 7 hours until I can go to town and then home to pack. it is going to be a party.

beer pong3 Dance party Zombie dance.

* Side note: It is okay to say goodbye to a country but hello to a city when said city has 2+ million more inhabitants than said country.

Side note *2: This is post 9 in the iZombie gif challenge, so I’m leaving the last one to you dear Rikke.


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