So long, and thanks for all the GIFs.

I love that you used so many GIFs in your last post. It made me have all the feels. All the feels!

This was my favourite:

not funny

All the post taught me though, is that I will never understand your relationship with Charlie. Oh! also. Dear reader, The Hulk is my old computer – I feel like that is an important piece of information in your quest to understand Rikke’s previous rant.

Now I have to find some smooth way to transit into what I actually want to write about, which is our trip to New York. NEW YORK! It is actually rather strange how I haven’t brought this up on the blog yet, as I am a complete maniac about it.


There are a few times, or instances if you please, where I turn into a maniac version of myself. You, Rikke, know exactly what they are.

My birthday! But to my defence I almost do it with other people’s birthdays as well as my own. I become a five year old who thinks of how I can have the best Birthday party ever. This side of me is also the one who planned a brilliant surprise party for Rikke. I am, and will always be, the hostess with the mostest.

Christmas. I am terrible around Christmas. Buying the perfect presents for my family and friends. The magic of the Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree, the traditions. I indulge it. I get totally and completely wrapped up in it. Christmas is a feeling, a feeling that lasts for an entire month. How lucky am I to have fond memories from my childhood and adolescence to enjoy thirty whole days of total bliss. Christmas is the ultimate occasion to remind me how lucky I am, and I am damn well going to enjoy it and appreciate it.
Note: This also means that if you are not as enthusiastic about the holiday I can become rather obnoxious to be around.

Travelling. Mostly when I go somewhere new, like New York. I get so excited when I get to go out into the world and experience new things. I’ve travelled so much and seen so many places, but all it ever manages to do is to make me want more. More wants more they say. They’ve got a point. There is another point to the travelling though, since I have so many friends living around the world, who I don’t get to see so often and it is always such a great feeling when I get to visit one of these friends, as it is the case in New York also. Pernille, I am coming to you – I’m taking Rikke with me.

Pernille and RikkeI couldn’t find a picture with all three of us in it, so here is one that I took of Rikke and Pernille.


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