There is a first time for everything.

Well, you see, there is a very simple answer to the lack of promised post…

beer pong1

beer pong2Fake line for aesthetic purposes. beer pong3

I got distracted, very distracted. And not by beer bong like Liv – because beer is the worst –  but by the INTERNET! So I simply forgot and/or completely neglected my promise.

I sort of rediscovered Pinterest. Rediscovered as in I spend most of the weekend pinning like a mad man. I was not a pretty sight, but at least I was not alone in all my pinning, because as the good friend you are you enabled my addiction. Thanks!

And this post isn’t even the one I have planed, this is just a simple: “Oops. I’m sorry I forgot, please have it in your heart to forgive me” post.

Furthermore, I’m not even sure I can incorporate iZombie GIF’s into my planned post, so I’m just going to save it for later and start posting some nonsense until I get back in the groove of blogging. Because as you say: we make very little sense here, so why start making sense now.

And as a bonus to all the other people out there I have saved these snaps of my reaction to Diana’s last post:



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