Our blog – in which we make very little to no sense at all.

So, in order to get this blog back up and running, I decided to look back at some of our previous posts. This helped me in no way what-so-ever, because we are all over the place. It was a hoot though.

Some of my favourite posts include the one where you talk about alpacas, the one where I discuss my DVD collection, our entire saga about James Lafferty and last but not least our challenges – which have included some great FRIENDS and The Big Bang Theory gifs.

But this post isn’t really about that. Maybe it should be though. Should we do another challenge? Something like 10 iZombie gifs?

iZombie surprise

I know – very surprising suggestion.

Well, my point is really that getting back up on the horse, and writing some posts, means scrambling one’s mind because this blog is full of none sense making. (Yes that is a real sentence.) And I really think that is our issue; our mind is no longer as scrambled as it used to be when we lived apart and didn’t have each other to make sense of the other.

SIDE NOTE: In the above I refer to “Our mind”, this might seem grammatically incorrect to you, but anyone who knows Rikke and I in person also knows that we have a whole symbiosis / one mind thing going on. We also wrote a post about it. In fact more than oneThree, to be precise. It is also mentioned on the “about” page.

Well. Let the unscrambling commence.


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