Here we go again.

Let’s be honest and embrace our shallowness for real and start posting about guys again, because I like it, you like it and I’m sure everyone else like it too. Plus we haven’t really been posting about anything else, so if we want to keep the blog alive we should post something and posts about boys are better than no posts. #Truth

We had a very deep and meaningful conversation today where we agreed that we had to limit ourselves.We had to show some restraint and only have ten guys in The Hot Celebrity Ownership Divider each.

So here we go, I’ve reshuffled, removed and added new hot guys to my list and here is my current top ten.

1. Chris Evans

chris evansOh, Chris Evans. Chris is delightful and smoking hot and I’ve decided he deserves the top spot – I know! I have removed Ryan Gosling from the top spot, but please hear me out. I’m not saying that he is more attractive than the rest, but I am saying that he is one very much in the spotlight lately, so I’m more exposed to his hotness and charming personality.

He really is one hot package. I like him well enough as Captain America, but I love him when he is a little less wholesome and clean shaven. I want some scruff and some soulful eyes to look into when he gets all excited about which Disney princess he would be.

He looks good in anything and to my delight frequently decides to be shirtless or even almost naked in many of his movies, so I can just sit back and enjoy.

2. Ryan Goslingryan gosling

No worries, Ryan Gosling have not moved far down the list, in fact he only just switched places with Chris Evans, because I couldn’t let him slide further down than one place, because he is still pretty perfect.

I mean, look at him! He is one handsome devil. He is gorgeous with a great smile and there isn’t really anything more I can add that I’ve not already written on this blog or said out loud to anyone who will listen. Ryan Gosling is totally crush worthy no matter who you are.

And he know that one of my greatest weaknesses is a man in a three piece suit.

3. Zachary Levi

zachary leviZachary – I’ve changed my mind and now believe that he prefers Zachary to Zac – is moving on up on my list from 6th place to 3rd place because he is just getting better and more handsome every time I see him.

He is a complete dork and not afraid to own it. I’ve been watching Geeks Who Drink which he hosts and what can I say, he is one attractive geek who knows how to wear a suit. He is handsome, smart and not afraid to get a little silly which is a quality every man ought to have.

And his smile *sigh*. He has the most beautiful and contagious smile that I just can’t resist.

And let’s not forget the fact that the man can sing which always will be a turn on.

4. Jason Dohring

jason dohringI really wish Jason Dohring was in more stuff so I could feast on his form more often, because his form really is something. So much something that I’ve moved him up from 8th to 4th.

Like many great things Jason has only gotten better with age and so my love has grown. He is so striking and so intense that I just can’t help but swoon a little.

Also, I’m not above admitting that the main reason he is on the list – besides the fact that he is hot – is that I’m a fangirl and I love him as Logan Echolls.

5. Matthew Lewis

matthew lewisYou know who grew up hot? Matthew Lewis that is who, so I had to include him on my list. I had to.

He is one fine specimen of man – and at age 26 he is not as young as I thought he would be – and to add to all his yummy-ness is the fact that he has a British accent, yes I too have a serious weakness for that particular accent.

I mean look at that smirk, it is totally a come hither smirk and I would be so very receptive to that smirk. And I’d mess up that hair even more.

And if you do look at some of the photo shoots he has done lately you will understand even better why he is on the list because damn!

6. Daniel Vincent Gordh

daniel vincent gordhMy least famous and thus not what I’d actually call a celebrity, but I’m including him anyway, because it is my list and I want him on it. Daniel played Darcy in The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and he did it so well that we all fell in love with him and his handsome face.

And because I follow him on Instagram I’ve learned that his is in ridiculous shape because he also happens to be a “turn of the century circus boy” – his words, but I do not disagree.

I really hope that he’ll get to work on something that really put him on the map, because more people should be able to enjoy looking at him and his awesome acting abilities. And his tea drinking skills.

7. Andrew Garfield

andrew garfieldNo, I have not forgotten Andrew Garfield I’ve just bumped him all the way down from a 3rd place to a 7th place. I don’t love him any less, but he has sort of disappeared of my radar which is a shame because he sure is a tasty treat.

Andrew really is a pretty sight, even if I’m not the biggest fan of the massive beard he has been sporting lately, but despite that I still find him immensely attractive. He still seems to be an adorable dork and we all know that my type is an adorable dork, so yes, Andrew is still on my list, even if it is a bit further down than last time, but he will never not be on the list so there’s that.

I mean look at him being all handsome leading man! And he is British! I heartily approve.

8. Eddie Redmayne

eddie redmayneFrom 8th on Diana’s last list to 8th on my current list. Eddie Redmayne must be doing something right if we’re fighting over who get’s to have him on their list.

Eddie can sing, has a British accent, an adorable smile and beautiful eyes. He seems so genuine when he does interviews and I just kind of want to always be in his presence. And as the previous award season has showed: he looks goooood in a suit.

9. Dylan O’Brien

dylan o'brienI find Dylan O’Brien very attractive, but he is only 24, so I had some issues with having him higher on this list, but I had to have him on the list. I’ve been watching him a lot these past months because I’ve seen both Maze Runners and plenty of Teen Wolf to last me the rest of the year, so he is a constant in my life.

But what a constant! He is soooo yummy and as the picture shows he can even wear a suit while looking pensive and still make people want to take a bite of him.

Since everyone but him is shirtless on Teen Wolf is has become my mission to see him shirtless as often as I can in as many things as I can. Missions are noble and should be supported by the rest of the world, so support mine!

10. Michiel Huisman

michiel huismanOn the last spot we have Michiel Huisman who I only know from Orphan Black and various pictures online and you know what? Those various pictures online are really very pretty. There is one from a Towel Series that is just divine.

A more extensive google search have let me to discover that he is a musician, which as I mentioned before is always a plus.

But mostly I’m here for the rugged handsome gentleman who I want to watch chop wood for the fire place and then lie in front of said fire place naked on a bear skin rug while toasting marshmallows with me. Is that really too much to ask?


Extra: Kristian from Federal Unicorn

kristianSo whenever Federal Unicorn – the band our friend Kuba plays in – play live and we see them, one of us will say: “I’d do Kristian.” It has to be done and if we’re not both there then the one at the concert will text the other.

One time I accidentally said “dibs on Kristian” instead of saying “I’d do Kristian”, so Diana got really indignant and made me include him on my list, so that is what I’m doing. But since we cut the list down to ten, we agreed that I didn’t have to have him as part of the actually top ten.

It is a little weird to be doing this today of all days, because they played a concert last night and I said hi to him and gave him a hug and today I’m objectifying him on my blog. Life sure is something, huh? Also if you happen to read this Kristian, I’m sorry and don’t hate me, but you are a pretty drummer.

Honourable mentions to all the hot guys who have been cut since my last list. And the following guys who almost made the list this time around, but got cut because the others were just so much hotter this time: Lee Pace, Chris O’Dowd, Donald Glover, Wes Aderhold, Paul Rudd, Alfie Enoch and let’s not forget the most honourable mention of them all: Colin Firth.


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