Cutting it to the bone.

This is a toughie. My lovely partner in crime and I have decided to cut our lists in half. YES! In half. The process have been a bumpy ride. I’ve succumbed to the pressure, at times, and curled up in a fetal position on the couch.  I have moaned and groaned. I have sighed and almost fainted while finding just the right pictures. Alas I had to finish and so I did. Even as I’m writing this I am not sure of the final order of the list, but I will begin and I will figure it out as I go along.

As I did last, I will let you know how anyone have moved up or down the list, and also the newcomers – there be many of those.

1. Aaron Tveit
Aaron Tveit

This guy still has it all. He can sing, he can act and he has the nicest smile – though not featured in this image. He is still my number one and I considered it for a long time for this edit, but I simply can’t bump him anywhere. Since Mr. Tveit has no social media presence it is hard to find something to share about him. I couldn’t even find my favourite gif of him taking the stage at the 2014 Oscars, so instead here is my new favourite Aaron Tveit gif – also at our house, he is referred to as A-A-Ron, and here is why.

2. Tyler Hoechlin
(⇒ New)
Tyler Hoechlin

It happens that a character is cut from a TV-show. It also happens that I completely forget about that character after a short while because getting cut was the right thing. This is not the case with Mr. Hoechlin here. I make a point of mentioning him on Twitter every time I watch Teen Wolf. His passion and work off screen shows great character and he is just the right amount of nerdy.

3. Robert Buckley
(⇒ New)
Robert Buckley

Another newbie on the list. I’ve mentioned him before on this blog and I’ve never really forgot about him. I loved him on One Tree Hill but he has certainly been moved up in my mind after his role on iZombie. He is cute and another one of the lovely nerdy actors out there, who goofes around with his co-stars and friends. Go check out his Instagram account for all the goof.

4. Theo James
(⇓ 1 place from 3rd)
Theo James

It is the British accent. Okay it is also the killer body and those piercing eyes, but it is mostly the accent that keeps him this far up the list. He was in danger there for a minute but then I went to Youtube and remembered how sexy his voice is – and also, he sings.

5. Nick Bateman
(⇒ New)
Nick Bateman

I am addicted to this guy. I follow him on Instagram along with his dog Joey. I recommend all the goofy videos, and all the pictures with him and his cute smile, also the videos with him not wearing a shirt – basically I recommend all the pictures. Now would be the time to mention how much credit I deserve for not having picked a picture of him shirtless here.

6. Chace Crawford
(⇓ 4 place from 2nd)
Chace Crawford

He is still extremely hot, and even though Gro will most likely still call my list more boys than men, I have really tried to move away from the wholesome polished guys. So that is my explanation of Chace Crawford’s drop on the list. At least he is still on here, which is more than can be said about others. Considering his latest role, on Blood and Oil, it might be surprising he is still on the list, but he has a great voice – great and sexy.

7. James Lafferty
(⇒ New)
James Lafferty

FINALLY! It has been a long battle, staring with me just voluntarily handing him over to you. I still don’t know how or why, but I know I am never letting go of him again. Because? Look at him! He is the right combination of sexy and wholesome (yes there are still wholesome CW guys on my list). He is also another one of those guys with a follow worthy Instagram account.

8. Channing Tatum
(⇓ 3 place from 5th)
Channing Tatum

Unless you are Aaron Tveit, this is not a great day to be recurring on my list. Channing Tatum can very much still Channing all over my Tatum. He is also becoming a better actor for every movie I watch with him – excluding Jupiter Ascending, which I haven’t watched though. There are just other guys which deserves the top spots more this time around.

9. Alex O’Loughlin
(⇒ New)
Alex Oloughlin

O’Loughlin was on and off this list for the process, but he assured himself a spot. Why? you ask. Have you seen him? I reply. Even though Rikke almost ruined it for me with stories of rehab, those arms that smile and the uniform he sometimes wears on Hawaii Five-O totally saves it. I think he might be the age president but when you look like that while approaching forty, who cares? Also, check out his hair when he was on Moonlight.

 10. Ben Barnes
(⇓ 3 place from 7th)
Ben Barnes

He was 10th, then he was 7th and now he is 10th again. Once again it is the accent. I can just drink that sweet sweet British nectar all day long. Also, I know I’ve already linked to this, but having been in a boyband pretty much does it for me. Even if that boyband was competing in the Eurovision Song Contest. I just wish there would be more movies where Ben Barnes actually plays a Brit.

That was it for this time, but I feel it is appropriate to mention some of the guys who were considered in the process of editing down a list of 20 guys to 10 – and then only keeping four of the guys from the old list, and thereby eliminating 16!

I have been gobbling episode upon episode of some great web-series, such as Emma Approved, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and The new adventures of Peter and Wendy. This means – because this is how my brain works in de facto – that all the leading males of all three shows were considered: Brent Bailey, Kyle Walters and Daniel Vincent Gordh. Honestly only the latter really stood a chance and Rikke already snatched him up.

James Corden and Wilson Bethel also shortly appeared in my mind, but really they just don’t fit my favourite demographic, which doesn’t mean they aren’t good looking or talented, it just means I only have a top ten.

Lastly Mr. Justin Timberlake was featured on the list for a while, but I decided to keep Pernille’s old picks sacred and let her keep him. Who needs musicians anyways when half of the actors I’ve picked can sing?

I have to have a Honorary Member of the list: Mr. Colin Firth aka. The Firth. I have a serious Firth issue. I will eat anything he is in raw. He is classy and he is extremely talented. I love him as Mr. Darcy in the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini series – particularly in the wet shirt Darcy scene, because if you are going to stray from the original this is as good as it gets.


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