Project upon project.

So we live together. We have for a year and a half actually. I know, it is crazy. So some of the projects we started, including this one, which made sense when we lived apart, have sort of died or at least become dormant.

Projects is something we do a lot and the other day you exclaimed: “Don’t you think we have enough projects?”, when I suggested we watch all of Channing Tatum’s movies from beginning to now. 

Side note: This would be done as to experience how Channing Tatum actually turns into a very decent actor.

But really I don’t think there is such a thing as too many projects. Maybe if we actually had a time frame on it, but we normally don’t.

It is just that when one of us comes up with something, we naturally suggest it to the other immediately and our symbiosis means the other also thinks it is a good idea. So yes, we have quite a few projects either running or on the drawing board. But what is the harm? We have a whole lifetime to complete them all.

Current and suggested projects:

  • Reading 52 books in a year (we are approximately one month in)
  • Watching all movies on IMDB Top 250 (I can skip the scary ones)
  • Road trip Eastern Europe (Planned in 2010)
  • Road trip England
  • Watch all Channing Tatum movies
  • Redecorate the apartment

I am sure there are many more of various sizes, but I can’t remember them right now. Lets make more plans together so we never get bored.


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