What! A post from Strings of Thoughts? What is this madness?!

I wont bore you with the endless list of reasons why there has been nothing from us in ages, since I’m sure it will end up being a long and convoluted tale that only few would believe. Also it is basically just me saying: Life! Real life is what happened, so there.

I will tell you that we are now the owners of two little fishes. They are cute and not so cuddly, but they are ours and we love them.

2014-10-18 14.17.53They are fantails and we call them Tyler and Tyler. Each named for a Teen Wolf actor because a) we could, and b) we are missing our live tweeting of Teen Wolf Tuesdays. It would make more sense to have them both be called the same if they looked a like, but they don’t. Little Tyler is orange with a black race car body stripe on his head while big Tyler is all black and has bubble eyes. But we love them both equally.

Look at them go.

We are going to take good care of them. Hey, they’ve both lived with us for a whole week and are still alive, so we can’t be doing that bad, right?

Mostly we promise not to treat them like Darla treats Nemo.