I’ve lost my prolific prowess.

It is a little weird that you are the one to post updates on this blog, since it is usually me who writes post upon post with little appearance by you. (I’m not being mean, as much as just stating facts – but yesterday you said that I was the Bamse of us two and I’m still a little hurt because of that. But I digress, so let me address your previous posts.

Re: The problem is guys, those darn hot guys!

Those darn hot guys really are our Achilles heel. We love them, but at the same time, we’re a little bit embarrassed that we tend to focus so much on them, but I say let’s just do it. Let’s just embrace our inner shallowness.We are who we are and the people who read our blog knows who we are. Besides, we both have individual blogs where we can express ourself in more serious ways – if this is what we want – so why not let this little piece of the internet be where we indulge in the whims we want to. This can be our internet id – yes, I went with Freud – where we can just follow our instincts and impulses without reproach and just let chaos rule.

Re: It will be a Twitter nightmare for everyone but us.

Twitter – the only social network besides Instagram that I post to almost daily

Jason Dohring – he is moving on up on my list, which I’m still mentally reordering.

I will always appreciate Jason Dohring and Ryan Gosling being shown in my Twitter or Facebook feed.

Re: The blackboard…

The Blackboard is awesome, but I am sort of rubbish with those kinds of riddles. I’m much better at drawings and illustrating quotes. Both at drawing them and understanding them. So while I love that you express yourself in riddles that I need help to guess, I really do prefer that we just do random drawings and quotes.

Also the answer to the riddle is: Sunshine Rikke.

Sort of re: I’m mixing it all up and the future of my list.

Lastly I’ll just say that I promise – PINKY PROMISE – that by this time next week I’ll have reordered and added new darn hot guys to my list.

And then I’ll hopefully start writing less disjointed posts than this.



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